God’s Little People


Blake, Chloe and Ashton sing about being God’s little people. 



1. God’s Little People
2. Phillipians 4:8
3. Good News
4. He Owns The Cattle
5. Boys And Girls For Jesus
6. The Praise Song
7. Every Promise In The Book Is Mine
8. Glory Hallelujah Jubilee
9. Gideon
10. I Am A “C”
11. God Likes People
12. Lean To The Right
13. I’m Not Sorry
14. Born To Serve The Lord
15. Only A Boy Named David
16. I Wonder How It Felt
17. He’s The Rock
18. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 
19. Our Great God Medley
20. Abundawonderful Life
21. Jesus, I Heard You Had A Big House
22. This Little Light Of Mine
23. I’ve Got Something That The World Can’t Give
24. Don’t Send Those Kids To Sunday School
25. His Banner Over Me Is Love
26. Praise Him All Ye Little Children


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